In FIFA 17 there is a trick , efficiently get the loyalty bonus , without 10 games to play and to destroy your multiplier in FUT 17th

Chemistry is the most complicated aspect of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. All information as to calculate the team and players and chemistry found in this FIFA 18 coin generator PS4 . The loyalty of your players also has an impact on the chemistry.

FIFA 17 Chemistry Loyalty Bonus Trick - Get Loyalty Fast Without Playing 10 Games And Loss

In some squad building challenges "loyal" players are a prerequisite, in others you can build on the loyalty bonus to achieve the required team chemistry There are only two ways that players have become loyal:

The players who pull out packs, they are now loyal.

Or you can 10 games with the players play in the transfer market to earn.

Only when a purchased player has played 10 games on your team will they become loyal and get an extra point on the chemistry.

However, it takes several hours to complete 10 games. A lot of the time for the card , wish to exchange would only for the SBC rewards. Is there a faster way?

Get your loyalty bonus in minutes and without 10 games to play

Yes, there is a way , to get quickly to the loyalty bonus. This is veiled in the community as a "glitch" or as a "trick" cheered. Regardless , whether you want to use it, you must decide for yourself.

The basic idea is to start a game with the team, consisting of the respective players -. And shortly after the whistle cancel this now 10 - times, and you have already completed 10 games with the players in a very short time with the help of fifa 18 free coins, winning the loyalty bonus. However, with a big disadvantage :. The multiplier on the FIFA - coins win after the games has serious implications, falls into the basement It takes a few games and many hours in order to screw it up again. That's not really worth it.

However, there is still a possibility , games to play and avoid multiplier slump:

l You go to the "Team of the Week" in the single player - area.

l ask for it on any difficulty (eg semi-professional) with the corresponding player - team.

l Now you can wait for the whistle and for a few seconds to play.

l Now you can not stop the game in the game but in the direct vicinity FIFA 17th On the PS4, for example, press you the PS - button and close to the application.

Now repeat you this , until the players have the loyalty bonus after 10 games This trick takes a total of 20-30 minutes, but no games are counted -. And it is still much faster than all 10 games in full length to play.

Note: contracts are consumed. So you havetotreatthe players with contracts, since they come with only 7 by default.